How To Make A Man Miss You (NEW!)

How to make a man miss you! - Carlos Cavallo

Hold onto your butts for this one! Every single woman wants her man to miss her... I'm betting you're no different. The truth of the matter is that if a man misses you, you know he loves you. Which is why every woman wants to know how to make a man miss her. We're going to hit you hard with some deep and very cool psychological tactics today It's not just about making a man desire you.

It's about making him authentically desire your presence in his life. Nothing says that more than KNOWING that he misses you. Am I right or am I right? It's one of the most disappointing situations is when a man doesn't miss your presence or you don't feel his desire for you in that way.

So what we're going to talk about today are a few psychological principles of how men - and really how all people - really work when it comes to missing you.

Missing you secret #1: Don't pretend you're not pretending! I'm consistently amazed to find out that so few women understand the principle of being a little bit hard to get. Some women are scared of this idea! They push it away and pooh-pooh it by saying that they don't want to be manipulative. They just want to be authentic and real, they say. But - The reality is that...

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