PERSIAN CATS தமிழ் - Hellovvee #PETFLIXPack,, This is Harii.. In this video, am narrating the unknown facts of Busu Busu Persian Cats. Please conisder all the points narrated in the video, before thinking of having a persian cat. This video is specially dedicated to all cat lovers in our #PetflixPack who ask to put Cat Videos. Cheers!! . Some product reference used in the video : Litter Sand : Used for cat's potty(toilet) purposes - Litter Box : Used to keep litter sand - If the box is too costly we can use our bath tubs available. . Hit the SUBSCRIBE button and be a member of our proud PETFLIX Pack - . . For Business & Enquiries, Please contact - . Dog Videos : Double Tucker - a CrossBreed Series : Hamster Videos : Kutty Story - a Pet Story Series : Fish Videos: Bull Videos: General Pet Infos : . . Music Used : Video Credits : Pexel Videos , Pixabay - I encourage you to visit this source: to discover the best advices, tips and tricks on cat care and cat behavior related topics like removing cat urine odor from various sources and experts in the field.

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