Can Aries and Virgo Be Soulmates - TIMELESS READING 🔊 Please note that it is a GENERAL reading NOT a PERSONAL reading. It may not resonate with everyone out there as energy is fluid. Energies can also be vice vasa or interchangeable so take it whichever way it resonates with you. If it DOESN'T resonate with you please check out videos that corresponds with your MOON OR RISING SIGN for more insight into your situation as these all make up who we are ((🌞Sun sign represents your Spirit or Personality or Conscious....🌛Moon sign represents your Soul or perception or subconscious & .....🌅Rising sign represents your Self or your physical body)). All 3 make up who we are OR just pick out what works for you and leave the rest bearing in mind that the message might be for someone else and yours is yet to come. Cheers💝🌼🌸 ↪SUN/MOON/RISING CALCULATOR↩: Thank you to all my BEAUTIFUL subscribers. I also thank my new viewers. Please like, share and subscribe if you haven't already. TAROT 360° TEESPRING STORE 👕👚: DONATIONS: COSY 360(SUBSCRIBE) Our relaxation & meditation channel WHITE REALM 360(SUBSCRIBE) Our simple natural and spiritual solution channel 5 SENSES TAROT